Get your reservations for Summer!

Summer is fast approaching. Although, some days, the weather says otherwise! We want to remind you all that if you are planning on heading out of town, please make your boarding reservations as we tend to book up fast for the summer.

NEW! SPR's Enrichment Program

There is some exciting new changes happening at Sweet Paws! We will soon be offering an Enrichment Program for the dogs here at Sweet Paws! Studies have shown that playing ALL day with no rest, while may tire your pup out, is not the healthiest lifestyle option. It may cause a dog to be over tired, and too exhausted. We want to start an Enrichment Program that highlights specialized play such as; puzzle toys, walks in the forest preserve (for approved dogs), and individual or small group play in the dog park. Then, once they complete these activities, they will have period of rest that regenerates the body, and recharges the mind.

Our Enrichment Program will run along side regular daycare, and on certain days you will be able to add on different activities you think your pup may enjoy! All dogs will be assessed throughout the day, and given proper rest breaks as needed.

The Enrichment Program option will begin this Summer, so stay tuned for more details about what it entails. Also, please feel free to ask our front desk staff any questions you have about this new program, and how it may benefit your dog! We will be testing a few options on daycare dogs in the coming month.

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