Sweet Paws Retreat offers grooming!

From the tip of their nose to the tip of their tail, your pet will be pampered and cleaned to the highest standards. Offering individual service, by appointment only, your pet will be sure to never wait in line again. From basic baths to luxurious spa treatments, your pet will leave looking and feeling great! You may schedule an appointment for grooming alone or add it on to your pet's boarding or daycare stay. He/she will be groomed in the last few hours of their stay before you pick up. Our grooming rates are charged by your pets' needs whether a nail trim, a bath, or a full luxurious grooming. Unfortunately at this time we do not offer haircuts. Give us a call to check pricing and schedule your pet's spa day!

Not Just A bath.

A dog's skin cycle is 3-4 weeks. Regular grooming is healthy for your dog's skin and coat and keeps shedding, dander and tangles under control. Regular bathing and brushing keeps your pet feeling, looking and smelling fresh!

All Grooming Services Include:

Ear Cleaning
A good scrub in the tub with shampoo and conditioner
All dogs will be hand dried - No Cage Drying!
Brush out / de-shed (depends on coat type)
Nails clipped and buffed (if dog will tolerate)
Perfume is included upon request!

For Our Double Coated Friends:

Grooming service would include all of the above with 15 minute extra brush-out (more time may result in extra charges for extra shedding). Double coated breeds shed some hair year round but regular bathing and brushing of double coated breeds controls shedding all year long! Packed undercoat requires extra time, attention and products. Extra charges will be applied to matted doubled coated breeds. Humanity over vanity!

Individual Needs:

Every dog has individual needs, even if they belong to the same breed, and these needs range from age and weight to temperament and coat condition, etc. and the price can reflect that. Every price given is a quote and can change upon completion of the pet.

Special Request?

Not a problem! Contact us to let us know your pet's grooming needs.

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