Summer Is Almost Here!

Summer is fast approaching. Although, some days, the weather says otherwise! We want to remind you all that if you are planning on heading out of town, please make your boarding reservations as we tend to book up fast for the summer.

Comfortable & Hassle Free

Sweet Paws Retreat is the perfect pet Play-Cation! With 10 acres of lush play-land and an indoor play gym facility, your dog will go home tuckered out and happy. Our curbside Drop-Off and Pick-Up make checking in or picking up your pet hassle free! Our pricing is all-inclusive, our staff is loving and knowledgeable and our environment is safe and fun.

Boarding Special!

Free Basic Bath with 7 Nights Consecutive Stay with Us!

Enrichment Program

Our Enrichment Program for dogs begins this summer here at Sweet Paws! Studies have shown that playing ALL day with no rest , while may tire your pup out, is not the healthiest lifestyle option. It may cause a dog to be over tired, and too exhausted. We want to start an Enrichment Program that highlights specialized play such as; puzzle toys, walks in the forest preserve (for approved dogs), and individual or small group play in the dog park. Then, once they complete these activities, they will have period of rest that regenerates the body, and recharges the mind.

Our Enrichment Program will run along side regular daycare, and on certain days you will be able to add on different activities you think your pup may enjoy! All dogs will be assessed throughout the day, and given proper rest breaks as needed.

$6 per 15 minutes. Ask our front desk staff any questions you have about this new program, and how it may benefit your dog! We will be testing a few options on daycare dogs in the coming month

Room Sizes & Pricing

• Cozy Room 4x3': $34 Crate sized, away from larger rooms, designed for smaller breeds.
• Standard Room 3X9': $34 Designed for all breed sizes, our most popular room with enough space for dogs to stretch and relax.
• Large Room 6X6': $40 for the first dog, 2.50 off second and third. Accommodating for larger breeds that need that extra wiggle room.
• Cat Condo: $16 Separate from the canine quarters with area to climb around comfortably.
• All Inclusive Pricing ranges from $34-$40 per day.
• There is a $23 play day rate for boarding check-outs after 12:00pm.
• Long stay discounts: 14+ nights = $3 off per dog.
• Free Bath with 7 day stay or more.

All Inclusive

Our pricing is all-inclusive. Exercise, attention and food/medication prep is all included in your pet's stay. You have a choice of one of 3 room sizes or cat condo, bowls, fleece bedding and plenty of cozy blankets. There is a lot of playtime throughout the day as well as one on one with our pet care-specialists. If your pet enjoys being part of the play group, they can be part of the fun! If your pet prefers one on one with our pet care specialists, we have single or family group areas they can spend their playtime.

Vaccination Requirements

All visitors must have:
• Current Rabies and Distemper vaccinaitons.
• 6 month Bordatella.
• Evey 6 months negative for parasites Fecal exam.
• Titer testing is an option to avoid unnecessary vaccines.
• Call us for more information.

What do you bring?

Bring along your pet's food and any "special belongings", we supply the rest. Updated vaccine records are required.
Note: Keep in mind "Special belongings" sometimes get chewed.

Dog Allergies?

If your pet has allergies or healh issues, please list them and tell our staff upon arrival.

Basic Bath Pricing

• Extra Small (20lbs & under) $20
• Small (21-40lbs) $25
• Medium (41-55lbs) $30
• Large (56-75lbs) $35
• XLarge (76-100lbs) $45
• XXLarge (100+lbs) $55
• Nail Trim $15
• Nail Trim with Dremel $23

Added Services

Have a dog that needs an extra outlet or special walks? Let one of our care-specialists take your pet one on one for a walk and/or extra playtime in the dog park next to the land reserve.


Ask Us! Special Request? Drop us a note.

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